Being Self-Dependent vs. Co-Dependent (Special Tool included)

The topic today is kind of, in relation to something we talked about earlier when we were talking about a giver versus a fixer. And today I want to talk about co-dependency traits versus self-dependent. And co-dependent, some people might be familiar with that topic with relation to like addiction and alcoholism. But when I talk about co-dependency I talk about in relation to partnerships or relationships with people.

A definition might be my good feelings about who I am are only in place if it's being endorsed by others. Like if you if you and I are good, or if we're in a good spot then everything is bright in my world. But if we're not in a good spot or if something is off track then I can't really function or be at my best because I'm co-dependent on your endorsement of me. Does that make sense?

I recommend utilizing this tool (referenced in my video) that I actually think is super important. Download it by filling out some info below and get it for free instantly.


But it will give several statements and tips as to what co-dependency is and then just kind of an awareness of what you might want to do differently within yourself to become more self-dependent rather than co-dependent.

So an example of self-dependent might be you know regardless of what kind of mood you're in, I'm still going to maintain my own mood. And today my mood is super happy because I get to eat this cupcake and I think the name of this one is tempting caramel or something. 

For more tips and stuff on co-dependency versus self-dependent, please check out my website. I'm Megan and I'm always listening.

Jeff Pickett