Small Changes - Not One Big One

So the topic today that I wanted to talk about is, with the new year changing, turning 2018, I can't believe that. We feel like we have to make some big major changes. Like this year I'm going to, loose 20 pounds, or get this expensive gym membership, or eat all really good healthy foods. Get on these fancy medications, or potions and lotions and stuff that are gonna, make me look younger and skinnier and whatever. I just want to talk about how, you and I both and maybe a lot of other people out there, can relate with, paying high dollar money, for stuff that's supposed to like, make us feel better, and be healthier. Can you share some examples of--

Jen: Absolutely and as you can tell, I've done all of that. Because. I look young, but I'm actually 83 years old. So, it really has paid off. No, I think I've done what everybody else has done, and I've fallen into that trap, of thinking that a new year means a new me.

Megan: Yeah.

Jen: And, then disappointing myself within, literally a day to three weeks, of not being able to follow through. And I think for me the trap was that it wasn't an authentic, intent.

Megan: Oh yeah.

Jen: So it was just, kind of going with the flow. It's like oh this is the year I'm going to do this. Where as instead of, focusing on something small, or something that was more achievable. I went for the big ticket item.

Megan:  Right. And then yeah, like you said, you get disappointed in yourself and you, beat yourself up even more. And then my mid January you're like, you just completely dump the plan.

Jen:  Right and I've spent so much money to do that. So I mean it's a lesson financially learned.

Megan:  Right. So, I guess my tip on this would be, tweaking small things, instead of, taking the whole elephant and thinking you need to, change something massive. Certainly if you have that goal of loosing weight, or whatever, it's a process. It's not something that's gonna happen, right away tomorrow. And, there are little small things you can do everyday. I remember somebody saying to me, dance in your kitchen, instead of just standing there while you're cooking. Dance while you're cooking. And that would burn more calories. It's just kind of goofy stuff like that, that actually does work and can be fun. Teaches you how to love yourself, instead of being critical all the time, of something that you wish could be different. Well speaking of small changes, we are signing off today from Small Cakes, in Sioux Falls. And do me a small favor, by going to my website, I'm Megan and I'm always listening.

Jeff Pickett